AS ISO 10545.2:2020 Ceramic tiles Method 2: Determination of dimensions and surface quality.
7.2.2 Calibrating plate, of accurate dimensions and with straight, flat sides.
7.3 Test specimens
Sampling is done as follows:
— For tiles with area, A <= 0,04 m2, ten whole tiles in each type shall be tested. — For tiles with area, 004 m2 0,36 m2, five whole tiles in each type shall be tested.
7.4 Procedure
Select an apparatus of the appropriate dimensions (7.2.1) so that, when a tile is placed in the apparatus, on the supporting studs (SAP SB, Sc) the locating studs (iAn 1B Ic) are 5 mm from each corner of the side adjacent to the side being measured (See Figure 2.) The plunger of the dial gauge (DA) shall also be 5 mm from the corner of the tile on the side being measured (see Figure 2).
Fit the appropriate calibrating plate (7.2.2) exactly into position on the instrument, and adjust the dial gauge reading to a suitable known value.
Remove the calibrating plate, place the proper surface of the tile on the locating studs in the apparatus, and record the dial gauge reading 5 mm from the corner. If the tile is square, rotate it to obtain four measurements. Repeat this procedure for each edge of a square tile. Repeat this procedure for each tile being tested. In the case of oblong tiles, use separate instruments of the appropriate dimensions to measure lengths and widths. Measure to the nearest 0,1 mm.
For oblong tiles with longer edge >= 60 cm, and ratio between longer edge and shorter edge 3, only 6L and percent deviation shall be determined [see Figure 3 b)].
7.5 Test report
The test report shall include the following information:
a) reference to this document;
b) a description of the tiles;
c) all individual measurements of rectangularity;
d) the maximum deviation from rectangularity, in millimetres and as a percentage related to the corresponding work sizes, except for oblong tiles when the longer edge >= 60 cm, and the ratio
between the longer edge and the shorter edge >= 3, only report 5L and percent deviation [see Figure 3 b)].
8 Measurements of surface flatness (curvature and warpage)
NOTE Measurements of surface flatness are not possible where the accuracy of the feeler gauge measurement would be impacted due to surface characteristics of the tile.AS ISO 10545.2 pdf download.