AS 60669.2.1:2020 Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations Part 2.1: Particular requirements – Electronic switches (IEC 60669- 2-1:2015, MOD).
If an electronic switch containing a viewing window (lens) for a sensing device is intended to be mounted at a height greater than 1 ,7 m, this information shall be stated in the instruction sheet.
Addition to note 2:
– information concerning external, directly associated fuses/current limiting devices, where applicable.
9 Checking of dimensions
This clause of part I applies except as follows.
Electronic switches may be of dimensions other than those specified in the standard sheets (if
any) provided they are supplied with suitable boxes.
10 Protection against electric shock
This clause of part 1 applies except as follows.
10.1 Addition:
NOTE 1 For the purpose of this standard, metal sensing surfaces which are connected to live parts by means of protective impedances (see 10.2) are not considered to be live parts.
Replacement of the 6th and 7th paragraphs:
During this additional test, the electronic switches are subjected for I mm to a force applied through the tip of test probe 11 of IEC 61032.
This probe, with an electrical indicator as described above, is applied with a force of 75 N to all places where yielding of the insulating material could impair the safety of the electronic switch, but is applied to thin-walled knock-outs with a force of 10 N.
Viewing windows or the like on electronic switches intended to be mounted at a height greater than 1,7 m are subjected to a force of 30 N.
The test probe is not applied to membranes and the like. These parts are tested according to
NOTE 2 For the purposes of this standard, parts connected to a supply operating at SELV with a voltage up to and including 25 V a.c. or 60 V d.c. ripple free are not considered to be hazardous live parts.
10.2 Addition:
For touch sensitive electronic switches, the associated protective impedance does not have to comply with the requirements of clauses 16 and 23.
For electronic switches classified according to 7.1.4, first dash, accessible parts which are needed for the operation of electronic switches (for example, sensing surfaces) may be connected to live parts. If they are connected to live parts, it shall be by means of a protective impedance.
The protective impedance shall consist of at least two resistors or independent capacitors in series, of the same nominal value or a combination of both. The resistors shall comply with the requirements given in 102.3, and the capacitors shall comply with the requirements given in 102.2.AS 60669.2.1 pdf download.