AS 4809:2017 Copper pipe and fittings- -Installation and commissioning.
This Standard specifies requirements for the selection, installation and commissioning of copper plumbing, gas and waste water systems. Some aspects of design are also specified.
A list of the documents referred to in this Standard, is given in Appendix A.
For the purposes of this Standard, the definitions in AS/NZS 3500.0 and the one below apply.
3.1 Water hammer
A condition where a quick closing tap or valve closes against velocity of water at high pressure within a water supply system.
NOTE: A shock wave potentially in exccss of 3 000 kPa can be created causing damage to not only the piping material but to appliances, tap ware and fittings.
4.1 Copper tube
4.1.1 General
Copper tubes shall be in accordance with AS 1432 with the sizes shown in Tables 4.1 to
4.4. Copper tube may be supplied in annealed, bendable or hard drawn temper.
4. 1 .2 Identification
Copper tubes manufactured in accordance with AS 1432 shall be incized or have other permanent marking at not less than 0.5 m intervals along the tube with—
(a) the manufacturer’s trademark;
(b) licence number;
(c) the product certification mark (e.g. WaterMark);
(d) the Australian Standard number;
(e) nominal size;
(f) thickness type; and
(g) the letters ‘BQ’ where tubes are ‘bendable’ temper.
In addition, ‘hard drawn’ and ‘bendable’ temper copper tubes in accordance with AS 1432 are colour coded, with either a legend in the designated colour for the particular thickness type or the legend in black and a separate distinctive continuous mark in the designated colour.
The four colours that shall be used to represent the pipe types are the following:
(i) Type A—Green.
(ii) Type B—Blue.
(iii) Type C—Red.
(iv) Type D—Black.
The legend shall include—
(A) the manufacturer’s trademark;
(B) country of origin;
(C) nominal size;
(D) thickness type;
(E) the letters ‘BQ’ where tubes are ‘bendable’ temper; © Standards Australia.AS 4809 pdf download.