AS 2809.6:2019 Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods Part 6: Tankers for cryogenic liquids.
2.1 General
NOTE For flammable and toxic gases, refer to Section 3 for additional requirements.
2.1.1 Tank design
The tank, its supports, connections and vacuum-insulated outer shell (if applicable), shall conform to AS 1210 with the following qualifications:
(a) The design and construction of the tank interior shall be such as to prevent the collection and retention of cleaning materials or other contaminants, and to facilitate the washing of all interior surfaces by the normal surging of the cargo during transportation.
(b) Screwed connections shall not be made to the inner vessel or within the insulation space of a vacuum-insulated tank. Where a vacuum is not employed, screwed connections shall be limited to 20 mm maximum, and used only for connecting instruments.
(c) Safety valves shall be protected so that in the event of overturn onto a hard surface their opening will not be prevented and their discharge rate will not be restricted.
2.1.2 Insulation
The outer surface of the inner vessel shall be insulated with material that conforms to the following requirements:
(a) Insulating material shall not be liable to hazardous reaction with the cargo.
(b) Insulating material shall be fire retarding.
(c) Insulating material for cargo tanks for oxygen or nitrous oxide service shall not sustain combustion when contacted with a glowing platinum wire in a 99.5 % oxygen atmosphere at atmospheric pressure, the remainder of the test atmosphere being predominantly nitrogen.
2.1.3 Outer shell
Any insulation shall be completely covered with a shell constructed and sealed to prevent moisture
from contacting the insulation.
2.1.4 Components required
Each tank shall be provided with at least the following components:
(a) A filling connection.
(b) A discharge connection, which may also be the filling connection.
(c) One or more safety valves.
(d) Vapour blow-off provisions.
(e) A vapour return connection for flammable or toxic cargo.
(f) Contents gauging provisions.
(g) A pressure gauge.AS 2809.6 pdf download.