AS 2593:2021 Boilers一Safety management and supervision systems.
AS 2593 specifies the requirements for the operation of boilers and other devices including any connected economizer or superheater or deaerator. It includes the special features within the control, management and supervision systems, associated valves and fittings, housing, access and installation for those boilers and other devices operating in the unattended or attended modes. It also details the checking, testing, supervision and maintenance requirements for each category of attendance to support continued safety.
1.2 Application
This Standard is intended to be used in the design, manufacture, use (with and without attendance) and modification of new and existing boilers as follows:
(a) Boilers for fixed land installations.
(b) Boilers having a design pressure as shown in Table 1.
(c) Boilers having a power output within the capacities specified in Table 1 for the boiler type and category.
(d) Boilers in accordance with the checking, testing, supervision and maintenance requirements specified in Table 1 for the boiler type and category.
(e) Boilers for the generation of steam, or other vapour, for which the types of boilers permitted are —
(I) water-tube type or fire-tube type or combination of water-tube and fire-tube types or electric type or all boiler types up to 500 kW (see Table 1) for unattended operation; and
(ii) any type of boiler for attended operation (see Table 1).
(f) Boilers for the heating of water or other liquids at a pressure above that of the atmosphere and to a temperature not less than the normal atmospheric boiling temperature of the liquid, for which application any type of boiler conforming to AS/NZS 1200 is permitted.
(g) Boilers having any of the following sources of energy input:
(I) Gas fuel (mains or other gases).
(ii) Oil fuel with a closed flashpoint greater than 23 °C.
(iii) Solid fuels, including solid-fuel-in-suspension.
(iv) Waste heat fluids.
(v) Electric power.
(vi) Solar energy.
NOTE 1 This Standard may also be applied to boilers outside the limits specified in Items (a) to (g) where equivalent safety and reliability are required by the owner.
NOTE 2 This Standard is not intended to apply to miniature boilers in accordance with AMBSC Code Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.
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