AS 2021:2015 Acoustics一Aircraft noise intrusion- Building siting and construction.
AS 2021, together with the relevant Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) chart or locality map available for the aerodrome under consideration, provides guidelines for determining—
(a) whether the extent of aircraft noise intrusion makes building sites ‘acceptable’, ‘unacceptable’ or ‘conditionally acceptable’ for the types of’ activity to be, or being, undertaken (Clause 2.3);
(b) for ‘conditionally acceptable’ sites, the extent of noise reduction required to provide acceptable noise levels indoors for the types of’ activity to be, or being, undertaken; and
(c) the type of building construction necessary to provide a given noise reduction, provided that external windows and doors are closed (see Note I).
This Standard deals specifically with noise from take-of’f, landing and circuit training operations at civil aerodromes or military airfields.
The acceptability of outdoor spaces is not covered by this Standard.
I The recommendations for building construction are based on the assumption that external windows and doors are shut. If external windows or doors are opened for ventilation or other purposes, the noise attenuation values for various components given in Clause 3.3 will not be achieved, item (c) above implies that mechanical ventilation will need to be installed when external windows and doors are shut to provide adequate protection against aircraft noise intrusion. Whether or not sufficient ventilation can be achieved by mechanical or other means should be considered before the selection of building components described in ‘lause 3.3.
2 There may be a significant increase in costs incurred in buildings designed to provide higher than normal noise attenuation for their type.
This Standard is concerned with land use planning and building treatments in the vicinity of an airport. The objective is to provide guidance to regional and local authorities, organizations, communities and others associated with urban and regional planning and building development on the siting and construction of new buildings against aircraft noise intrusion and on the acoustical adequacy of existing buildings in areas near aerodromes.
This Standard is not intended to be applied for the purposes of assessing the effects of noise from aircraft. However, it should be noted that the effects of noise from aircraft are not confined to areas where the noise exposure exceeds 20 ANEF and may occur at or below 20 ANEF (see Appendix A for a description of the ANEF system).
Application of this Standard should be considered when a building site may be attected by aircraft noise.AS 2021 pdf download.