AS 1576.5:2021 Scaffolding Part 5: Prefabricated trestle and trestle ladder scaffolds.
AS 1576.5 specifies requirements for scaffolds that are assembled from prefabricated trestles or trestle ladders.
NOTE Design and testing of trestle ladders is covered by AS 1892.1 and such requirements are outside the scope of this Standard.
1.2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes a requirement of this this document:
AS/NZS 1576.1, Scaffolding, Part 1: General requirements
AS/NZS 1576.2, Scaffolding, Part 2: Couplers and accessories
AS/NZS 1577, Scaffold decking components
AS 1892.1, Portable ladders, Part 1: Performance and geometric requirements
1.3 Definitions
For the purpose of this Standard the definitions given in AS/NZS 1576.1 and those below apply.
bottom rail
lowest rail in guardrailing
clamping device
device which interconnects scaffold planks at intervals along their length to limit differential deflection between adjacent scaffold planks
weight or series of weights used to counterbalance the forces on the trestle ladder scaffold against overturning
frame trestle
self-supporting stand other than a trestle ladder incorporating one or more beams and designed to support a working platform
Note 1 to entry: Frame trestles provide a platform height that may be fixed or varied.
Note 2 to entry: Base arrangements for frame trestles may be of a fixed configuration, or may be folded or swivelled to aid storage, handling and transit.
Note 3 to entry: For a typical frame trestle, see Figure 1.1(a).
surface on a scaffold to support persons, materials, or both, which may comprise individual planks or multiple interconnected planks
horizontal structural member which supports the working platform and spans between the supporting standard or post and the adjacent wall
putlog trestle
non-self-supporting stand incorporating an integral putlog, one end of which is intended to be supported by a wall
Note 1 to entry: Putlog trestles provide a platform height that may be fixed or varied. Note 2 to entry: Fora typical putlog, see Figure 1.1(b).
temporary structure erected to support access platforms or working platforms
indicates that a statement is mandatory
indicates a recommendation
frame trestle or putlog trestle
trestle ladder
self-supporting portable ladder of fixed length, consisting of two sections hinged at the top to form equal angles with the base, each section being provided with cross-bearers, fixed between the stiles, on which a plank or planks may be supported
trestle ladder scaffold
working platform and associated edge protection supported by trestle ladders as defined in this document (see Figure 1.2)
trestle scaffold
working platform and associated edge protection supported by trestles as defined in this document (see Figure 1.1)
working load limit
maximum load that may be placed on the working platform under general conditions of use
working platform
platform on a scaffold positioned at a work location for supporting personnel, equipment and materials and used to provide a working area.AS 1576.5 pdf download.