AS 1141.3.1:2021 Methods for sampling and testing aggregates Method 3.1: Sampling一Aggregates.
Section 3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this document, the terms and definitions given in AS 1141.1 and the following apply.
body of material
material source from which a representative sample is to be obtained
Note 1 to entry: The body of material includes, but is not restricted to, stockpiles, rock piles, banks, rills, rock faces or outcrop.
competent person
person who has acquired, through education, training, qualification or experience, or a combination of these, the knowledge and skills to perform the task required
discrete and defined quantity of material produced by a consistent process
Note 1 to entry: The lot is the fundamental division of a body of aggregate for which material properties are determined. A lot consists of a homogeneous product and may be further defined by the length of the production run or by mass.
indicates the existence of an option
sampling scheme
set of documented instructions that, as a minimum, establishes the following for each sample:
(a) Material to be sampled and the size of sample required.
(b) Purpose for obtaining the sample.
(c) Size and description of the lot(s), if applicable.
(d) Sampling procedure to be used.
(e) Sampling location.
(f) Location of sampling increments for each sample.
(g) Testing required on the sample collected.
(h) Details of sample dispatch.
Note 1 to entry: For further in formation on sampling schemes, see Appendix C.
part of the main body of material, the main body being regarded as divided into sections of about equal volume
indicates that a statement is mandatory
indicates a recommendation
heap or stack of material held in stock for future use
stratified random sampling
taking of increments whereby the material being sampled is divided into strata, one increment being taken at random within each strata
Note 1 to entry: Refer to AS 1289.1.4.2 and see Figure C.1 of this document for further explanation of stratified random sampling.
approximately equal parts of a lot based on intervals of time, mass or space
Note 1 to entry: A sub-lot is a subdivision of the lot which is used in stratified sampling schemes to ensure that samples are reasonably evenly distributed throughout the lot, rather than being concentrated in one area.
linear body of material of triangular cross-section usually formed by blading with a grader.AS 1141.3.1 pdf download.