ACI 548.8M-07 Specification for Type EM (Epoxy Multi-Layer) Polymer Overlay for Bridge and Parking Garage Decks.
d. Temperature of the air, deck surface, mixed polymer components, and aggregates
e. Time to open to traffic
The contractor must record and maintain these records and provide the records to the ArchitectEngineer.
3.3.3 Semi—automated and /isllv—uusonrated mixing—Use equipment that continually meters, mixes, and dispenses the epoxy hinder. Prior to commencement with semi-automated or fully-automated metering and mixing equipment and after any stopstart greater than I 0 minutes. perform a ratio check of the two components by pouring each component into clear plastic graduated cups to vcril’ that the variance of the ratios is no greater than ±5 percent.
a. Date and time of each application start and stop
h. Gel time (70 rnL sample) tested per ASTM CX81 CX81M
c. Temperature of the air, deck surface, mixed polymer components. and aggregates
d. Time to open to traffic
3.4—Overlay application
The overlay application shall consist of ts%o distinct sLeps epoxy hinder application and aggregate broadcasting.
3.4.1 Do not place overlay on hydraulic cement concrete less than 28 days of age unless otherwise specified.
3.4.2 Do not place overlay on magnesium phosphate cement concrete.
3.4.3 Do not place overlay over crack repair materials that will affect the bonding or the curing of the overlay.
3.4.4 No Irisible moisture shall be present on the prepared substrate surface at the time of overlay application. Use a plastic sheet left taped in place according to ASTM D4263 (modified to a minimum of 2 hours) to identify moisture in the overlay area.
3.4.5 Apply the first layer of the overlay within 24 hours of surface preparation. If first layer is not applied in 24 hours repeat surface preparation. To avoid contamination, traffic shall not be allowed on the accepted prepared surface until all layers of’ polymer overlay have been applied.
3.4.6 Epoxy hinder application—Apply the first layer of the epoxy binder to achieve a uniform coverage rate of 1.0 m2L minimum, using notched squeegees. For manual resin mixing applications, Contractor shall establish a measured surface grid area and report the gallons used to cover the area. For semi-automated and fully automated mixing applications, the Contractor shall report the binder gallons mixed and the total surface covered every 4 hours.
3.4.7 Aggregate h,vadcast—While the epoxy binder is still fluid, broadcast aggregate onto the surface until a dry layer of aggregate is present over the entire surface. If wet spots develop, immediately broadcast additional aggregate until a dry surface is reestablished.
3.4.8 After the first layer of the overlay has cured, remove all excess unbonded aggregate.
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