ACI 374.1-05 Acceptance Criteria for Moment Frames Based on Structural Testing and Commentary.
3.2.1 Tests on frame modules, in wcordance with this document, establish the dependable and predictable strength. drilt-r.iüo capacity, relative energy dissipation. and stilThesses required by the acceptance criteria of 9.0.
R3.2. I For acceptance, the results of the tests on each module to he used in the frame niust satisfy the criteria of 9.0. in particular, the relaj’ive energy dissipation ratio calcukaed from the measured results for the third cycle between limiting drift ratios of 0.035 must equal or exceed 1/8. Typical rela. tile energy dissipation ratios at 0.030 drift ratios have been reported to he 30. 17. and lOCk for reinforced concrete.2 hybrid reimforce&prestres.wd concrete.2 and prestressed concrete modules.3’4 respecrivelv. In a building frwne, as compared to a test module, damping is generally also pro i’ided b’ column hinging at the base of the frame. Further. that hinging is likely to be in a region of monolithic construction or one for which the relative energy dissipation characreri.ctics differ from those of the lest module. Hence, the relative energy dissipation raiios for frcune.c with hybrid or prestressed concrete beam sections will probably be greater than the values established from module tests.
3.2.2 The frame as a whole, based on the results of the tests of 3.2.1 and analysis, shall be demonstrated as able to retain its structural integrity and support its specified gravity loads through peak displacements equal to or exceeding story- drift ratios of 0.035.
R3.2.2 The criteria of 9.0 are for the test ,nodule. In contrast, the toughness criterion of 3.2.2 is for the frame us a whole and can be satisfied only by the philosophy used for the cIesiçn and analsxis of the frame us a whole. The err tenon aclopfrd here is similar to that described in R2!,2. I of AC! 318R-99 cmii the intent is that test results unit analyses demonstrate tiws the structure is still capable of supporting the specified gravity load after cycling through c/rift ratios of +0.035 Ic’ —0.035.
4.0—Design procedure
R4. 0—Design procedure
The lest program specified in this document is intended to verify an existing design procedure for a generic ripe of moment frwne system cimul i not fir the pumpose of creating basic information on the strength and dcfi;rmation properties required for design. For a generic system to be accepted based on this document, a rational design procedure must be developed first. That procedure must be based on a rational consideration of material properties and force transfer mechanisms, and its development will probably require preliminary testing that is not part qf the validation testing. ACI 374.1 pdf download.