ACI 346M-09 Specification for Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe. Construction joint cold joint—At the end of concrete placement or any stoppage requiring a casting machine to pull away from pipe construction, leave the pipe end in a rough condition at a slope of approximately 45 degrees from soffit to invert, with 610mm long No. 13 reinforcement dowels embedded around the pipe circumference as specified. Place the dowels at 305 mm intervals for pipe sizes up to 1829 mm in diameter and at 457 mm intervals for pipe sues 1981 to 3{8 mm in diameter. Within 30 minutes before pipe casting resurne, thoroughly clean the pipe end surface of foreign materials, coatings, and loose or defective concrete and thoroughly wet the surface. Cast a tie-in cap over the joint across the top of pipe from trench wall to trench wall. The tie-in cap shall be a minimum length of 610mm and centered overthe joint. Thickness shall he Ii times the wall thickness, as indicated in Table 1.5.1.
3.2.22.b (‘ollur—Make the joint for connections to another pipe or structure by squaring off the end of the CICIP. excavate the trench form along the sides and bottom of pipe to permit casting of concrete collar. Collar shall he a minimum length of 610 mm and centered on joint. Collar thickness shall be 1.5 times wall thickness shown in Table 1.5.1. Collar shall extend around the full circumference of pipe. Finish—Interior surface of pipe shall receive a metal finish.
3.2.3 (‘uring. b,ckfihling, and cleanup curing—Use one of the methods specified in for exterior curing and use the method specified in for interior curing of the pipe. E’.terior curing—The pipe shall be cured by polyethylene film or pigmented membrane-curing methods. Polyethylene film curing method—Place polyethylene hIm on exposed top surface immediately after pipe is casL Anchor the film in place to ensure continuous. adequate curing. Pi,,re,nted inembm,u’-curing compound method—Apply membrane-curing compound to exposed exterior surfaces immediately after the pipe is cast. Apply compound at no less than 3.8 1. for each 13.94 m2 of exposed concrete. Interior curing—Humid atmosphere within pipe shall be maintained for at least 7 days Ibllowing concrete placement. Measures shall be taken to pnvent air drafts from drying pipe. Pipe end openings shall be covered. hut not sealed,ACI 346M pdf download.