ACI 330.1-14 Specifcation for Unreinforced Concrete Parking Lots and Site Paving.
1.4.1 Submit drawings and documentation as required in this specification.
1.4.2 Obtain written acceptance of’ submittals from the Architect/Engineer before using the materials or methods requiring acceptance.
1.5—Storage and handling
1.5.1 Store construction materials in a clean, dry location.
1.6—Testing and inspection
1.6.1 Genera! Tests required to document submittals, certify product compliance with this Specification before use in construction, establish concrete mixture proportions, provide acceptability of changes requested by the Contractor, or appeal rejection of material found defective by Owner’s testing agency shall be performed by accredited laboratories using ACI-certified technicians. The Work in progress will be inspected, and materials, equipment. and procedures will be evaluated for quality and acceptability by representatives of the Owner or as designated in the Contract Documents.
1.6.2 (‘ontractor i’sponxthiliues—Contractor shall pci-mit and lcilitatc access of Owner’s testing agency to the construction site for the performance of all activities for quality assurance and quality control by these representatives, including inspection and testing required in these specifIcations.
1.6.3 Resprnsibilities otOwner testing agency Concrete shall be tested in accordance with ACI
311.6. Concrete lest results shall be distributed to Owner. Architect/Engineer. Contractor, and concrete supplier.
1.6,4 Acceptance o/pavement—Failure to detect defective work or material shall not prevent later rejection if defects arc discovered, nor shall it constitute final acceptance by Architect/Engineer.
General notes G1. ACI Specifcation 330.1 is to be used by reference or incorporation in its entirety in the Project Specifcation. Do not copy individual sections, parts, articles, or paragraphs into the Project Specifcation, because taking them out of context may change their meaning. G2. If sections or parts of ACI Specifcation 330.1 are copied into the Project Specifcation or any other document, do not refer to them as an ACI specifcation, because the specifcation has been altered. G3. A statement such as the following will serve to make ACI Specifcation 330.1 a part of the Project Specifcation: “Work on (Project Title) shall conform to all require- ments of ACI 330.1 published by the American Concrete Institute, Farmington Hills, Michigan, except as modifed by these Contract Documents.”ACI 330.1 pdf download.