ACI 311.7-18 Specifcation for Inspection of Concrete Construction.
1.4—Defnitions The following defnitions govern in this specifcation. For defnitions of other terms, refer to “ACI Concrete Termi- nology (ACI CT).” acceptance––acknowledgement by Architect/Engineer that submittal or completed work is acceptable. accreditation—act or result of having an Inspection Agency’s quality system, including equipment calibration and personnel certifcations, reviewed and accredited by a qualifed third-party Accreditation Agency. Architect/Engineer)—architect, engineer, architectural frm, or engineering frm developing Contract Documents or administering the Work under construction Contract Docu- ments, or both. certifed—having met the requirements of a program that determines and attests that an individual is qualifed to perform a specifc service. Contractor—person, frm, or entity under contract for the construction of the Work. continuous inspection—full-time observation of Work requiring inspection by a Special Inspector who is present in the specifc area where the Work is being performed. discrepancy—an item that does not conform to the contract documents and is reported to the contractor for correction. inspection agency—person, frm, or entity under contract for providing inspection services. inspection services—periodic or continuous Special Inspections as required in this specifcation and Inspection Services Contract between the Owner and Inspection Agency. Inspection Services Contract—set of documents supplied by the Owner to the Inspection Agency that serves as the basis for the agreement to perform inspection services; these documents can contain contract forms, contract conditions, Statement of Special Inspections, specifcations, drawings, addenda, and contract changes. A diferent set of Contract Documents will exist between the Owner and construction Contractor.
1.5—Reporting requirements 1.5.1 Comply with special inspection requirements of the applicable Building Code and with the additional require- ments of the Contract Documents. 1.5.2 Notify the Contractor of discrepancies from approved Contract Documents daily, usually as soon as detecting the discrepancy. If uncorrected prior to the completion or covering of the Work, before further Work occurs, notify the Contractor, Owner, Architect/Engineer, and building ofcial with copies of the Non-Conformance Report (NCR). 1.5.3 Compile an NCR log (NCL) or similar document noting construction items not conforming to the Contract Documents. The NCL shall describe the nonconformance, date noticed, and individuals or organizations informed. Upon completion of the corrective action, update the NCR and NCL to indicate the action and date of acceptance by the Architect/Engineer, Building Ofcial, or both, as appropriate. 1.5.4 Submit progress reports to the Owner, Architect/ Engineer, and the Building Ofcial, describing inspec- tions and tests that were performed, nonconformances, and compliance of Work with the Contract Documents. 1.5.5 Submit a fnal summary report stating whether Work requiring inspection was, to the best of the inspector’s knowledge, in conformance with the approved Contract Documents and applicable provisions of the building code.ACI 311.7 pdf download.