ACI 311.6-09 Specification for Ready Mixed Concrete Testing Services.
1 .1—Scope
1.1.1 Work specified—This specification sets the minimum requirements for testing of ready mised concrete at the project site when specific field-measured properties and laboratory- measured compressive strength arc used as a basis for acceptance of concrete as delivered to the site. It includes requirements for making and curing test specimens. performing field and laboratory tests, and qualifying personnel and laboratories performing these tests. Testing services required in this specification shall be completed by a Testing Agency engaged by the Owner. The Testing Agency must be independent from conflicts of interest that may affect objective reporting of the testing services.
1.1.2 Work not specified—This specification does not apply to testing requirements and responsibilities required of the construction Contractor.
1.1.3 Project Documents—The Testing Agency shall provide the tests and reports defined by the Project Specifications supplied by the Owner or Owner’s representative.
1.2.1 ibe Testing Agency shall submit qualifications of field technicians and laboratory testing technicians, as defined in Sections to to Owner or Owner\ representative. Field :echnician—Tcchnicians conducting field tests of concrete shall be certified a.s ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I. unless otherwise specified. Li,borasorv wchniciw,—Technicians conducting laboratory testing shall be cciii fled as ACI Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician — Level I or ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician, unless otherwise specified.
1.2.2 Testing Agency—The Owner or the Owner’s representative shall not delegate these services to the Construction Contractor, The Testing Agency shall meet the requirements of ASTM E329 and be accredited in accordance with the requirements of ASTM C 1077. Unless otherwise specificd. the Testing Agency shall be accredited by one or more of the following: the AASHTO Accreditation Program tAAP. the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). the International Accreditation Service (lAS), the Construction Materials Engineering Council (CMEC). or the Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories (WACEL).
2.5- -Curing of strength test specimens 2.5.1 Initial curing- Owner or Owner’s representative will provide and maintain adequate facilities on the project site for initial storage and curing of the concrete specimens, unless otherwise specified. Specimens shall be stored under conditions that meet the requirements of ASTM C31 and shall be verified by Testing Agency. Such storage shall have temperature controls to maintain ASTM C31 temperature requirements. Calibrated temperature recording devices shall be used to record daily maximum and minimum temperatures of the initial curing environment. 2.5.2 Transportation- -Testing Agency will recover and transport concrete specimens in accordance with ASTM C31. 2.5.3 Final curing- Final curing of strength test speci- mens shall be done in accordance with ASTM C31 andC511 until time of test.ACI 311.6 pdf download.