ACI 301 20 Specifcations for Structural Concrete. Unless otherwise specified, place chamfer strips in corners of formwork to produce beveled edges on permanently exposed surfaces. Unless otherwise specified, do not bevel reentrant corners or edges of Ibrined joints of concrete. Inspect formwork and remove foreign material before concrete is placed. At construction joints, lap linn-facing materials over the concrete of previous placement. Ensure formwork is placed against hardened concrete so offsets at construction joints conlbnn to specified tolerances Unless otherwise specified, construct formwork so concrete surfaces conform to tolerances in ACt 117. Unless otherwise specified, class of surface for offset between adjacent pieces of formwork facing material shall be in accordance with 5.3.3. Provide positive means of adjustment (such as wedges or jacks) of shores and struts. Do not make adjustments in formwork after concrete has reached initial setting. Brace formwork to resist lateral deflection and lateral instability. To maintain specified elevation and thickness within tolerances, install formwork to compensate for deflection and anticipated settlement in Iujrmwork during concrete placement. Set forniwork and intermediate screed strips for slabs to produce designated elevation, camber, and contour of finished surface before forinwork removal. If specified finish requires use of vibrating screeds or roller pipe screeds. ensure that edge forms and screed strips are strong enough to support such equipment.
2.3.l.X Fasten form wedges in place after final adjustment of forms and before concrete placement. Provide anchoring and bracing to control upward and lateral movement of formwork system. Construct formwork for openings to facilitate removal and to produce opening dimensions as specified and within tolerances. Provide runways for moving equipment. Support runways directly on fórmwork or structural members. Do not support runways on reinforcement. Loading applied by runways shall not exceed capacity of formwork or structural members. Position and secure sleeves, inserts, anchors, and other embedded items such that embedded items are positioned within ACt 117 tolerances. Position and support expansion joint materials, waterstops, and other embedded items to prevent displacement. Fill voids in sleeves, inserts, and anchor slots temporarily with removable material to prevent concrete entiy into voids. (‘lean surfaces of formwork and embedded materials of mortar. grout. and foreign materials before concrete placement. (‘over formwork surfaces with an acceptable material that inhibits bond with concrete. If fbrmwork release agent is used, apply to formwork surfaces in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations before placing reinforcement. Remove excess release agent on formwork prior to concrete placement. ACI 301 pdf download.