ACI 211.5R-14 Guide for Submittal of Concrete Proportions.
5.1—Freshly mixed concrete properties Slump, unit weight, temperature, and air content should be reported for each mixture intended for use in accordance with ACI 301. Placement methods, such as pumping and slip forming, associated with each proposed mixture should be indicated where appropriate. Sometimes, different freshly- mixed concrete properties will be needed for different place- ment procedures and conditions; these should be consis- tent with the limits set in the contract documents. When the concrete is to be delivered to the point of placement by concrete pump or other conveyance, the location at which the properties mentioned previously are to be tested should be clarifed in advance. Sampling of the concrete should be in accordance with ASTM C172/C172M. 5.2—Required average strength f cr ′ A concrete mixture submittal should demonstrate a compressive strength equal to or exceeding the required average strength f cr ′. Provisions for calculating f cr ′ are contained in ACI 211.1, 214R, 301, and 318. 5.3—Past performance record submittal When compressive strength data are available from concrete production using the proposed materials and batching facilities, the statistical analysis of the data should be performed in accordance with ACI 214R, 301, or 318. A data summary should be part of the submittal. These records become the basis for verifying the required average strength and validation of the proposed mixture. Concrete sampled and tested under conditions more stringent than those imposed by the contract documents may be excluded from use in calculation of the required average strength based on past performance.
6.1—Transmittal letter Each submittal should be introduced by an original trans- mittal letter identifying the proposed concrete mixture(s) to be furnished, the project for which it is submitted, and the method used to select proportions. The transmittal should be signed and dated by the person who prepared the submittal and the person selecting the mixture proportions. If more than one party contributed to the submittal, each contribu- tor’s role should be identifed. 6.2—Submittal forms The concrete mixture submittal, as described in Chapter 4, should be prepared as an independent document suitable for distribution. There are formats available that conveniently handle the required information. For this reason, a speci- fed format is discouraged because it can either preclude the use of commercial computerized submittals, be repetitive in nature, or both. All of the information identifed herein should be included on the submittal form(s) or in the docu- mentation submitted. Additional data summarizing the past performance records or trial batch data should be integral parts of the submittal, including special certifcation test data of materials. The form should be signed and dated by the person compiling or verifying the tabulation.ACI 211.5R pdf download.