AATCC STYLE GUIDE-2017 AATCC Style Guide for Writing Test Methods.
2.4 Title
2.4.1 Name the property to be mea- sured, not some quality to be inferred. Keep the title explicit and terse. For example: “Loss of Strength in Rayon Cloth by Exposure to Sulfurous Acid”; not “Resistance of Fabric to Acid Damage.” “Biological Oxygen Demand in Textile Mill Effluents” not “Stream Sanitation.”
2.4.2 In order to simplify finding meth- ods in alphabetical listing, key words that describe the general nature of the test should be used in the beginning of the title followed by more specific descriptive terms. For example, AATCC Method 162, Colorfastness to Water: Chlorinated Pool.
2.5 Activity History
2.5.1 State briefly the history of the test method including the number of the com- mittee which developed it, the first year of publication and the year of all subsequent reaffirmations, editorial revisions and technical revisions. Also list any similar test methods of other organizations such as ISO.
2.6 Foreword
2.6.1 A history of the rationale for the development of the method may be in- cluded to help clarify the need for the method, particularly if similar methods exist. Keep the source of all methods anonymous; individual companies should not be credited for AATCC methods.
2.7 Purpose and Scope
2.7.1 Name the properties to be tested (including any characteristics that may be related to those properties), and the material(s) to which the test is applicable. If the method tests several properties (or re- lated characteristics), list all of them.
2.7.2 Name the material(s) to which the test is applicable.
2.8 Principle
2.8.1 Briefly state the testing technique covered in the test method, outlining the fundamental physical and chemical concepts involved. Provide the metric or scale for reporting results, (e.g., Results are reported as a Gray Scale for Color Change grade of 5 to 1, with 5 representing no color change and 1 representing the most color change.)
2.9 Referenced Documents
2.9.1 List any AATCC, ASTM, ISO or other test method cited in the test method, by numerical designation, and title.
2.9.2 To cite references, use the ACS format.
2.10 Terminology 2.10.1 Define all terms not found in the ordinary desk dictionary, and all terms used in some specialized sense. Define terms that are used only in one restricted branch of the textile industry. If a definition is taken from some other publication, quote it in full and give due credit by complete attribution.
2.10.2 Define all key terms in titles to ensure that all persons referring to or using the test method understand its intent.AATCC STYLE GUIDE pdf download.