AATCC M12-2020 AATCC Style Guide for Writing Test Methods and Procedures.
5. Guide for: Designation
5.1 The official designation for the standard appears at the top of the first page, above the title.
5.2 All designations begin with “AATCC.”
5.3 Designations include a 1-or 2-let- ter code indicating the type of standard. The words are not spelled out in the designation. TM: Test Method EP: Evaluation Procedure LP: Laboratory Procedure M: Monograph
5.4 Designations include a number (Latin numerals) immediately after the code. There is no space between code and number. Numbers are assigned chrono- logically for each type of standard. If a standard is withdrawn, that number is not reused unless the standard is reinstated. Numbers may be 1-, 2- or 3-digits. For example, AATCC TM6 or AATCC LP1.
5.5 The code and number are followed by a hyphen and the year the standard was approved or the year of the last tech- nical revision. For example, AATCC TM6-2016.
5.6 If a standard is technically revised a second time in the same year, append the letter “t” to the year. For example, AATCC TM135-2018t was revised in June 2018, following a revision in Janu- ary 2018.
5.7 If a standard is reviewed and reaf- firmed with no changes, append the year of reaffirmation in parentheses. For ex- ample, AATCC TM198-2011(2013) was technically revised in 2011 and reaf- firmed in 2013. No changes were made in 2013.
5.8 If a standard is editorially revised, append the letter “e.” It is not necessary to indicate the year of the editorial revision in the designation. For example, AATCC TM61-2013e was technically re- vised in 2013 and editorially revised in 2016.
5.9 The same designation format should be used throughout the standard and in any external references to the standard. The portion after the hyphen may be omitted where is it clear that the refer- ence is intended to indicate the most recent version of the standard. For example, AATCC TM6 indicates the most recent version published at the time it is read. AATCC TM6-2016 indicates the version of the standard published in 2016, regardless of when the reader comes across the reference, or how many times it has since been revised.AATCC M12 pdf download.