AATCC 169-2017 Weather Resistance of Textiles: Xenon Lamp Exposure.
4. Safety Precautions
NOTE; These safety precautions are for information purposes oniy. The precautions are ancillary to the testing procedures and are not intended to be all inclusive. It is the users responsibility to use safe and proper techniques in handling materials in this test method, Manufacturers MUST be consulted for specific details such as safety data sheets and other manufacturer’s recommendations. All OSHA standards and rules must also be consulted and followed.
4.1 Do not operate the test equipment until the manufacturer’s operating instructions have been read and understood. It is the responsibility of whoever operates the Lest equipment to conform to the manufacturer’s directions for safe operation,
4.2 The test equipment contains high intensity lamps. The door of the test machine must he kept closed whenever it is running.
4.3 Before servicing xenon lamps. allow time for cx1 down after test machine is shut down.
4.4 When servicing the test machine.
shut oliboth the oil switch and. if applicable. unplug thc machine from the wall electrical socket. Insure that the main power indicator light on the machine front panel goes out
5. Uses and Limitations
5.1 Results obtained by this test method should not be considered equivalent to those results obtained by weathering in an outdoor environment unless a mathematical correlation for a given material has been established and agreed upon by the contractual parties. Outdoor environments vary with respect to season. geography and topography and, as a consequence. the effects of outdoor exposure will vary accordingly. Not all matenals are affected equally by the same environment, The instruments for determining weather resistance described in this test method are considered satisfactory, since they have been used extensively in the trade for acceptance testing of textile materials. The decision as to which machine type to use should be agreed upon by the purchaser and supplier based on their historical data and experience, There may be distinct difference in spectral distribution, water spray application, air and humidity sensor location, and test chamber size between weathering test machines supplied by different manufacturers that can result in diflerences in reported test results. Consequently. data obtained from machines supplied by different manufacturers and different size test chambers and xenon lamps cannot be used interchangeably unless a mathematical correlation has been established and agreed upon. No comparison between differently manufactured test apparatus is known to AATCC Committee RASO using this lest method.
5.2 When using this test method, the contracting parties must agree upon a reasonable test program cycle incorporating light. temperature. humidity, and wetting etTecti. The cycle selected must reflect expected environmental conditions relative to season, geography, and topogra. ph> associated with the use of the material (see Option I, 7.2.1).AATCC 169 pdf download.