AATCC 119-2004 Color Change Due to Flat Abrasion (Frosting): Screen Wire Method.
1.1 This test method (sce 11.1) is intended for evaluating the resistance of colored fabrics to change in shade caused by flat abrasion. It can be used for all colored fabrics, but is especially sensitive to the color change of durable press Crossdyed blend fabrics, in which one fiber is abraded away faster than another.
1.2 The test method produces in an aCcelerated manner, a localized color change similar to that produced on some garments over relatively short periods of actual wear in which the garment is ex- posed to relatively mild abrasive action (sce 11.2).
2. Principle
2.1 The fabric specimen is mounted over a foam rubber cushion and rubbed multidirectionally against a wire screen mounted on a weighted head. Any change in the color of the specimen is evaluated by comparison with the Gray Scale for Color Change.
3. Terminology
3.1 abrasion, n.- the wearing away of any part of a material by rubbing against another surface.
3.2 frosting, n.- in textiles, a change of fabric color caused by localized abrasive wear. (Syn: differential wear, fibrillation). NOTE: Frosting may be the result of differential wear, as in multicomponent blends in which the fibers do not match in shade, or of the abrasion of single-fiber constructions in which there is a variation in or incomplete penetration of dye.
4. Safety Precautions NOTE: These safety precautions are for information purposes only. The precautions are ancilary to the testing procedures and are not intended to be all inclusive. It is the user’s responsibility to use safe and proper techniques in handling materials in this test method. Manufacturers MUST be consulted for specific details such as material safety data sheets and other manufacturer’s recommendations. AIl OSHA standards and rules must also be consulted and followed.
4.1 Good laboratory practices should be followed. Wear safcty glasses in all laboratory areas.
4.2 Manufacturer’s safety recommendations should be followed when operating laboratory testing equipment.
5. Apparatus and Materials
5.1 A schematic diagram of the frosting unit is shown in Fig.1.
5.2 CSI Stoll-Universal Wear Tester Model CS-22C, or CSI Surface Abrader Model CS-59 (see 11.3 and Fig 2).AATCC 119 pdf download.