AATCC 116-2001 Colorfastness to Crocking: Rotary Vertical Crockmeter Method.
1.1 This test method is used to determine the amount of color transferred from the surface of colored textile materials to other surfaces by rubbing. It is applicable to textiles made from all fibers in the form of yarn or fabric, whether dyed, printed or otherwise colored and especially to prints where the singling out of areas smaller than possible to test with the standard AATCC Crockmeter (AATCC Method 8) is required (see 13.1 and 13.9).
1.2 Test procedures employing test squares either dry or wet with water or other liquids are within the scope of this method.
1.3 Since washing, drycleaning, shrinkage, ironing, finishing, etc., may affect the degree of color transfer from a material, the test may be made before or after, or before and after, any such treatment, depending upon the information desired. 2. Principle 2.1 A test specimen held at the base of the Rotary Vertical Crockmeter is rubbed with standard test squares under con- trolled conditions (see 13.1).
2.2 Color transferred to the test squares is assessed by a comparison with the Gray Scale for Staining or AATCC Chromatic Transference Scale (see 13.2).
3. Terminology
3.1 colorfastness, n.—the resistance of a material to change in any of its color characteristics, to transfer of its colorant(s) to adjacent materials or both, as a result of the exposure of the material to any environment that might be encountered during the processing, testing, storage or use of the material.
3.2 crocking, n.—a transfer of colorant from the surface of a colored yarn or fabric to another surface or to an adjacent area of the same fabric principally by rubbing.
4. Safety Precautions NOTE: These safety precautions are for information purposes only. The precautions are ancillary to the testing procedures and are not intended to be all inclu- sive. It is the user’s responsibility to use safe and proper techniques in handling materials in this test method. Manufacturers MUST be consulted for specific details such as material safety data sheets and other manufacturer’s recommendations. All OSHA standards and rules must also be consulted and followed.
4.1 Good laboratory practices should be followed. Wear safety glasses in all laboratory areas.
5. Apparatus and Materials
5.1 Rotary Vertical Crockmeter (see Fig. 1, 13.1 and 13.3).
5.2 Crockmeter Cloth—standard 51 × 51 mm (2 × 2 in.) test squares (see 13.3, 13.4). 5.3 AATCC Chromatic Transference Scale (see 13.5). 5.4 Gray Scale for Staining (see 13.5). 5.5 White AATCC Blotting Paper (see 13.5).AATCC 116 pdf download.