AASHTO TP 117:15(2019) Standard Method of Test for Determination of the Voids of Dry Compacted Filler.
7.1. The test requires use of dry mineral filler. To ensure that there is no remaining moisture in the filler, spread at least 50 grams of filler in an appropriate-sized vessel and dry in a forced-draft oven at a temperature of 110 ± 5°C. Monitor sample mass at regular intervals and continue drying until a constant mass has been achieved, as indicated by flO change in mass after consecutive readings taken at an interval of at least one hour.
7.2. After constant mass is achieved, remove the filler from the oven and allow it to cool to room temperature prior to testing. It is estimated that it is necessary to wait at least 90 mm to allow filler to cool prior to testing.
8.1. Determine filler density according to ASTM D5550.
8.5. Place a circular piece of paper or other vessel on the balance. Add 10 + 1 g of mineral filler and pour into the dropping block cylinder by rolling the piece of paper or using a funnel. Ensure the filler is distributed evenly throughout the cylinder by tapping the side of the dropping block.
8.6. Place the filter paper in the dropping block cylinder on top of the filler, and insert the plunger. While inserting the plunger, monitor the sides of the dropping block cylinder to ensure that all filler stays below the filter paper and does not migrate up the side of the dropping block cylinder. If filler is lost, the sample must be discarded and a new sample prepared.
8.7. Seat the plunger into the dropping block cylinder by applying a slight downward force. Apply sufficient force at a slow rate to seat the plunger and maintain the integrity of the sample.
8.8. Place the dropping block cylinder between the pilot bars on the base plate and raise to contact the upper stop. Raise the dropping block only to make contact; do not raise it in a fashion that exerts a significant force on the upper stop. During compaction, the apparatus shall be securely clamped or screwed onto a sturdy, non-flexible, and even base (see Figure 5).AASHTO TP 117 pdf download.