AASHTO R 77:16(2020) Standard Practice for Certifying Suppliers of Emulsified Asphalt.
4.1. AASHTO R 77 specifies procedures for minimizing disruption of emulsified asphalt shipments and describes a certification system that evaluates quality control and specification compliance tests perfbrmed by the supplier on samples obtained prior to shipment.
4.2. The number of emulsified asphalt grades possible under M 140. M 208, or M 316 may require additional storage facilities if the procedure of “sample and hold while testing” is followed exclusively. The addition of new storage capacity at a facility may be infeasible at some locations. Standardization of procedures that allow shipment under an approved supplier certification system provides the flexibility needed to use existing facilities and to limit any shipment disruptions.
4.3. This standard provides information on the following activities:
4.3.1. General requirements that the supplier shall satisfy to achieve approved-supplier status;
4.3.2. Minimum requirements included in a supplier’s quality control plan;
4.3.3. General requirements that the supplier shall require before certification is granted;
4.3.4. Procedure for shipping emulsified asphalt under an approved supplier certification system:
4.3.5. Procedure for agency monitoring of an approved supplier certification system at the shipping facility; and
4.3.6. Procedure for field sampling and testing of emulsified asphalt shipped under an approved supplier certification system.
5.1. The safety requirements of the field organization, laboratory organization, and OSHA shall be observed.
6.1. All test samples required by this standard shall be obtained in accordance with R 66 and ASTM D3665. The use of a random sampling procedure is mandatory to the establishment of a valid certification program.
7.1. Testing required for this standard shall be performed by a laboratory currently accredited by the AASHTO accreditation program (Notes 1 and 2). Agencies may require that the refinery, terminal,or final production site have a quality control laboratory on site with sufficient testing equipment to ensure quality control in day-to-day production. Any satellite laboratory of a supplier that performs testing required under this standard shall be identified in the approved supplier quality control plan (Section 9) and shall be approved by the agency.
Note I —Cost of this inspection and accreditation shall be borne by the source of data. Satellite laboratories may be inspected by the source’s primary AASHTO re:source-inspected laboratory staff. A copy of the report from the satellite laboratory inspection shall be provided with the test report, if requested.
Note 2—Agencies may elect to allow participation in the AASI ITO re:source Proficiency Sample Program and regional round-robin programs in lieu of AASHTO accreditation until such time as the supplier may become AASHTO-accredited for emulsified asphalt testing.AASHTO R 77 pdf download.