AASHTO PP 82:16 (2020) Standard Practice for Emulsified Asphalt Chip Seall Design.
4.1. This standard practice may be used to determine the quantities of materials required for the construction of emulsified asphalt chip seals.
5.1. Materials—Emulsified asphalt and aggregate used in the design should meet MP 27 and be representative of the materials used fbr the project.
5.1.1. Aggregate Chips—Fabricate a board measuring 3 ft by 1 1/2 ft. Three-quarter-in, thick particle hoard works well for this item. Attach I -in. by 2-in, pine wood strips to the edge of the hoard to create a raised edge. Weigh the completed hoard and record the weight in pounds. Place the chips to be used on the project on the board. The quantity will vary depending on the gradation, shape, and crushed content of the chips hut should he no less than 5 lb and no greater than 25 lb. Try to fit as many chips on the board within the confines of the edging as possible. The chips should not overlap each other and should be only one stone thick. Push the chips against the edge of the hoard. Place as many chips as possible onto the board until every gap is filled. Reweigh the hoard containing the chips in pounds. Subtract the weight of the empty board from the weight of the board with chips. Multiply this value by 2. This is the quantity of chips to be used on the chip seal in pounds per square yard. Record this quantity as Q.
5.1.2. EmulsIed Asphalt—The emulsified asphalt quantity is estimated by calculating the amount of asphalt needed to fill the voids between the chips to a specific embedment depth. That relationship is expressed as follows:
5.1.3. Extra chips to Avoid Roller Pick-Up—More aggregate should be spread during chip seal construction with emulsified asphalt than is actually needed to produce a one-stone layer. This extra material is applied to aid in reducing the potential for chips to be picked up by pneumatic rollers during construction. The amount of excess material will vary, but should be approximately 5 to 10 percent and never more than 10 percent. Adjustment up or down is necessary based on when the rollers begin to pick up the chips.
5.2. All design work will he carried out using aggregate either directly from the job site stockpile or equivalent material from the same source and having substantially the same material properties.AASHTO PP 82 pdf download.