AASHTO MP24:15(2020) Standard Specification for Waterborne White and Yellow Traffic Paints.
3.1. General—Traffic paint shall consist of a ready-mixed pigmented binder in a one-package system. Traffic paint shall be suitable for application on both asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavements at a wet film thickness of 15 mils (0.0 15 in.).
3.2. Pigments—Suppliers may use any pigment, provided it does not contain any of the metals listed in the Environmental Protection Agency Code of Federal Regulation 40. Section 261.24, in excess of the allowed maximum limits.
3.3. composition—The manufacturer may use any combination of ingredients. provided the finished paint satisfies the requirements herein. Sufficient quantities of dispersing. suspending, and anti- skinning agents shall he used to ensure proper manufacture and stability in containers during storage.
3.4. NTPEP Eialuaiion—If specified by the purchasing agency, the supplier shall submit products to the AASHTO National Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) Pavement Marking Program for field evaluation and laboratory analysis of products.
3.5. Paint Requirements—The paint shall meet the requirements specified in Table 1
4.1.2. The minimum retroreflectivity of beaded lines after 12 months of exposure on the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) test deck shall be 150 mcd/m2/lux for white and 100 mcd/m2/lux for yellow. Readings shall be made adjacent to the centerline or lane line (outside the normal travel path of vehicles).
Note 1—The user may review the retroreflectivity results of each NTPEP test deck to determine the minimum value in effect for that deck, in order to approve only the better-performing materials and to ensure competition in the bidding process after 12 months.
4.2. Durability—A minimum durability rating of”7” in the skip line area and “6” in the wheel paths after 12 months. The rating system used will be as indicated by NTPEP procedures. Durability readings will be evaluated subjectively on a scale of “0” to “10,” where “0” means that the marking does not exist, “10” means that the marking is completely intact, and intermediate values mean that the marking is partially present (e.g., “5” means that the marking is 50 percent present).AASHTO MP24 pdf download.