AASHTO MP 24:15 (2020) Standard Specification for Waterborne White and Yellow Traffic Paints.
5.3.1. The paint shall show no curdling, livering, caking, lumps, skins, or color separation. Any settling that has occurred in containers opened within 45 days after receipt must be able to be mixed to a smooth homogeneous state within 5 mm.
5.3.2. This requirement applies both to test samples that are mixed with spatulas and to paint in 275-gal intermediate bulk containers that are mixed with air-driven industrial mixers.
5.4. Skinning—The paint shall not skin within 48 h in a three-quarter-filled, tightly closed quart container.
5.5. Heat Sabilifv:
5.5.1. Put 450 mL of paint in a 473-mt. (1-pt) lined container, close thc container, seal it with tape. and put it in an oven maintained at 60 ± 1°C for 1 week.
5.5.2. Equilibrate the paint at 25 ± 1°C and mix thoroughly with gentle stirring.
5.5.3. Perform the consistency test as specified in ASTM D562
5.5.4. Consistency shall not vary more than ±5 KU from the initial viscosity.
5.6. Freeze—Thaw Stability:
5.6.1. Put 450 mL of paint in a 473-mL (1 -pt) lined container; close the container, invert, and place in a chamber maintained at —10 ± 1°C.
5.6.2. Remove the container after 16 h and maintain at 25 ± 1°C for 8 h.
5.6.3. Repeat this procedure four more times.
5.6.4. At the completion of the freeze—thaw cycles, equilibrate the paint at 25 ± 1°C, mix thoroughly with gentle stirring, and examine for smoothness and uniformity.
5.6.5. Repeat the consistency tests as specified in ASTM D562
5.6.6. Consistency shall not vary more than ±5 KU.
5.6.7. The paint shall show no evidence of coagulation or breaking of the emulsion.
5.7. No-Track Time (Field):
5.7.1. The reflcctorizcd line, when applied at 15 ± 1 mu wet film thickness with glass spheres applied at a rate of 6 lb/gal of paint, shall have a no-track time of 90 s or less with a maximum paint temperature at the guns of 54°C.
5.7.2. The maximum no-track time shall not be exceeded when the pavement temperature is between
10°C and 50°C with the relative humidity less than 70 percent and the pavement is dry.
5.7.3. The no-track time shall be determined by passing over an applied test line at approximately
30 degrees with a standard size passenger car or pickup truck.
5.7.4. A line showing no visual deposition of the paint to the pavement surface when viewed from a distance of 15.2 in (50 fi) shall be considered as conforming to the dry-time requirements.AASHTO MP 24 pdf download.