AASHTO MP 22:13 (2020) Standard Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials for Highway andI Bridge Structures.
The contractor shall submit for approval evidence of acceptable quality control procedures followed in the manufacture of the composite reinforcerneni system. The quality control procedure shall include, but not be limited to, specifications for raw material procurement, quality standards for the final product, in-process inspection and control procedures. test methods, sampling plans, criteria for acceptance or rejection, and record-keeping standards.
4.2. The contractor shall furnish information describing the fiber, matrix, and adhesive systems intended for use as reinforcing materials that is sufficient to define their engineering properties. Descriptions of the fiber system shall include the fiber type, percentage of fiber orientation in each direction, and fiber surface treatments. Where required by the agency, the matrix and the adhesive shall be identified by their commercial names and the commercial names of each of their components, along with their weight fractions with respect to the resin system.
4.3. The contractor shall submit for approval test results demonstrating that the composite system and its constituent materials are in conformance with the physical and mechanical property values stipulated by the Engineer of Record. These tests shall be conducted by a testing laboratory approved by the Engineer of Record. For each property value, the batches from which test specimens were drawn shall be identified and the number of tested specimens from each hatch, the mean value, the minimum value, the maximum value, and the coefficient of variation shall bc reported. The minimum number of tested samples shall he 10.
4.4. When cured under conditions identical to those of the intended use, the composite material system as well as the adhesive system. if used, shall conform to the following requirements:
4.4.1. The characteristic value of the glass transition temperature of the composite system. determined in accordance with ASTM E 1640, shall he at least 40°F (4.4°C) higher than the maximum design temperature defined in Section of AASIITO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. A minimum sample size of 10 shall be used in the calculation of these values.AASHTO MP 22 pdf download.