AASHTO M55M/M55:09(2013) Standard Method of Test for Steel Welded Wire Reinforcement, Plain, for Concrete.
3.1.1. convoluted wire—when wire for welded reinforcement is formed into a sinusoidal wave shape, it is commonly referred to as convoluted wire. The wire is used in the manufacture of cages for certain applications of concrete pipe reinforcing.
3.1.2. welded wire reinforcement—as used within the scope and intent of this specification, designates a material composed of cold-drawn steel wire, as drawn or galvanized, fabricated into sheets or rolls by the process of electric-resistance welding. The finished material shall consist essentially of a series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged substantially at right angles to each other and welded together at points of intersection.
4.1. It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to specify all requirements that are necessary for the manufacture and delivery of the welded wire reinforcement under this specification. Such requirements to be considered include, but are not limited to. the following:
4.1.1. Quantity (mass or square area);
4.1.2. Name of material (welded wire reinforcement for concrete reinforcement):
4.1.3. Wire spacings and sizes:
4.1.4. Minimum yield strength if Supplement Si of M 32M/M 32 applies;
4.1.5. Yield strength measurement; the purchaser shall have the options described in M 32M/M 32 under the Inspection section (Section 11.3);
4.1.6. Exclusion of oversteeling, if required (Section 9.4.2);
4.1.7. Length and width of sheets or rolls:
4.1.8. Packaging (Section 16);
4.1.9. Request for outside inspection (if not requested, Section 15.1 applies): and
4.1.10. AASHTO designation and year of issue.
Note 2 -A typical ordering description is as follows: 930-rn2 welded wire reinforcement for concrete reinforcement, 100 by 300-Wi5 by W6 in flat sheets. 2.4 rn wide by 6.1 m long, in secured lifts, to M 55M. [10,000-ft2 welded wire reinforcement for concrete reinforcement, 4 by 12 W15 by W6 in flat sheets, 96 in. wide by 240 in. long, in secured lifts, to M 55.]
5.1. The wire used in the manufacture of welded wire reinforcement shall conform to M 32M/M 32 and its Supplement SI if so ordered.
5.2. Welded wire reinforcement shall be furnished either in flat sheets or in rolls, as specified by the purchaser.AASHTO M55M/M55 pdf download.