AASHTO M 300:03(2017) Standard Specification for Inorganic Zinc-Rich Primer.
4.1. The materials uscd in thc rnanufacturc of the primer shall confonn to the requirements of the following specifications.
4.1.1. Zinc Dust—ASTM D520, Type 11
4.1.2. Vehicle shall be either a solvent solution or water solution of silicates, curing aids, tinting colors, suspension, and pot life control agents of the manufacturer’s choosing if no changes are made after initial approval of the primer.
4.1.3. The Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content shall be stated by the manufacturer in accordance with Section 6.2.
4.1.4. PiglnL’nI—The pigment used in the formulation shall be basically zinc dust. Small amounts of color and extender pigments may be used if the quantitative requirements of the complete paint are met.
5.1. Color—The color of the inorganic zinc primer shall be as mutually agreed on and such that a definite contrast between it and the color of blasted steel is readily apparent.
5.2. Pigment—The extracted pigment on analysis shall conform to the minimum quantitative requirements specified in Table 1, and shall not vary more than a —2 percent or +3 percent metallic zinc content from the initially approved primer.
5.2.1. The x-ray diffraction pattern of the extracted pigment shall be obtained for the initially approved primer.
5.3. Primer Quantitative Requirements—The ni ixed primer shall meet the quantitative requirements specified in Table I. Primer must meet applicable VOC content limitations for its intended use categories (shop or field application) as defined by Federal and local regulations. Primers for field coating shall comply with the requirements of 40 CFR, Part 59, Subpart D, Section 59.400 through 59.4 13. If thinning is necessary for application, the maximum amount of solvent added shall be such that the final product still complies with all the requirements of this section. including the VOC requirements.
5.5.1. MLving—The raw materials of the liquid portion of the inorganic primer shall be mixed and dispersed as required to produce a product that is uniform, stable, free from grit, and conforms to the requirements of this specification.
5.5.2. The pigment portion of multicomponent paints, prior to mixing, shall be dry and loosely packed. After mixing, all types of coarse particles and skins as residue retained on a standard 25O-im (60-mesh) screen shall be no more than 0.5 percent by mass of total paint, regardless of type, in accordance with ASTM D185.AASHTO M 300 pdf download.