AASHTO M 29:12 (2020) Standard Specification for Fine Aggregate for Asphalt Mixtures.
2.2. ASTM Standards:
• C125, Standard Terminology Relating to Concrete and Concrete Aggregates
• D3665, Standard Practice for Random Sampling of Construction Materials
• E29. Standard Practice for Using Significant Digits in Test Data to Determine Conformance
with Specifications
3.1. For definitions regarding aggregate types. sec ASTM C 125.
4. 1. Orders /br material uiider iii is specifIcation shall include the fbi/owing:
4.1.1. Reference to this specification. M 29, and year of issue;
4.1.2. Grading (Section 6.2 and Table 1), or alternate grading designated by the purchaser:
4.1.3. Supplementary requirement for sulfate soundness, if required, including salt to be used (Section Si); and
4.1 .4. Any exceptions or additions to this specification.
5.1. Fine aggregate is aggregate passing the 9.5-mm (3/g-in.) sieve and almost entirely passing the
4.75-mm (No. 4) sieve. It shall consist of natural sand, or of sand prepared from stone, or of crushed blast-furnace slag, or gravel, or combinations thereof. It shall consist of hard, tough grains, free of injurious amounts of clay, loam, or other deleterious substances.
6.1. To determine conformance to this specification, each value for grading (and sulfate soundness, when required) shall be rounded to the nearest 1 percent. except if the percentage passing the 75-urn (No. 200) sieve is less than 10 percent. it shall be rounded to the nearest 0.1 percent. Each value for plasticity index shall be rounded to the nearest 0.1 unit. Round according to the rounding-ofT method of ASTM E29.
6.2. Gradiiig—The grading of the fine aggregate shall conform to the grading in Table 1 for the grading number specified in the order, or other grading designated by the purchaser.
6.3. Grading Variability Limits—For continuing shipments of tine aggregate from a given source, the fineness modulus shall not vary more than 0.25 from the base fineness modulus. The base fineness modulus shall be that value that is typical of the source, and shall be determined from previous tests. AASHTO M 29 pdf download.