AASHTO M 180:2012 Standard Specification for Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams for Highway Guardrail.
5.3.1. By mutual agreement between the fabricator and engineer, acceptance may be based upon a brand registration and guarantee tiled with the engineer by the fabricator. For acceptance of a brand, the fabricator shall furnish a brand registration and guarantee meeting the approval of the engineer and showing the brand name or designation, the manner in which it vill appear on the fabricated beams, the typical mechanical properties, chemical composition if specified, the class and type of guardrail, and other specified properties. The fabricator shall also guarantee that as long as material is furnished under that brand and designation, it will conform fully to the requirements of the specification and shall be replaced without cost to the engineer when found not in conformity with any of the specified requirements. The brand registration and guarantee shall be sworn to fbr the fabricator by a person having legal authority to bind the company. Upon approval of a brand registration and guarantee, that brand will be accepted without further certification. If, in subsequent actual field use, there is evidence of misbranding as determined by random sampling and detection of inadequate tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, improper coating, deficient thickness, or improper fabrication, the material will be rejected and approval f’or f’urther use withdrawn until subsequently reapproved. Samples for test of any material offered for use may be taken at any time deemed desirable by the engineer.
5.3.2. The manufacturer or fabricator shall make such tests and measurements as necessary to ensure that the material produced complies with all specification requirements. These tests and measurements shall be so identified by the identification symbols or code used on the beam that the manufacturer can produce specific reports showing these test results. Copies of reports of these tests shall be kept on file and shall be submitted to the engineer upon request.
5.3.3. The brand shall be removed or obliterated by the manufacturer or fabricator on all material where control tests, as outlined herein, do not show conformance to this specification.
6.1. Base Metal—The beam, transition, end, and buffer sections shall consist of sheet made of open hearth, electric furnace, or basic oxygen steel and shall meet the mechanical properties specified in Section 8. The chemical composition of the base metal for Type IV beams shall be as approved by the engineer.
6.2. Zinc—The zinc used for the coating of Type I and II sections shall be as prescribed in ASTM B 6. and shall be at least equal to the grade designated as “Prime Western.”
6.3. Bolts and Nuts:
6.3.1. Unless otherwise specified. bolts and nuts for Types I, II, and III beams shall conform to or exceed the requirements of ASTM A 307 and shall be coated in accordance with Section 9.4.
6.3.2. Bolts and nuts for Type 1V beams shall be of an approved corrosion resistant material and conform to or exceed the requirements of ASTM A 307.
6.3.3. All connections or splices shall be formed with oval shoulder button headed bolts to minimize projections on the roadside of the guardrail. Splice and post bolts and nuts shall conform to one of the configurations shown in Figure 1 or Figure 2. Either of the alternate configurations may be furnished unless otherwise specified by the engineer.AASHTO M 180 pdf download.